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52 The London Diary of Anthony Heap, 1931-1945
Robin Woolven
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51 The Angels’ Voice: A Magazine for Young Men in Brixton, London, 1910-1913
Alan Argent
Extra 1 Seals in Medieval London, 1050-1300: A Catalogue
John A. McEwan
50 A Free-Spirited Woman The London Diaries of Gladys Langford, 1936-1940
Patricia and Robert Malcolmson
49 The Diaries of John Wilkes, 1770-1797
Robin Eagles
48 Summary Justice in the City
Greg T. Smith
47 The Great Wardrobe Accounts of Henry VII and Henry VIII
Maria Hayward
46 The Views of Hosts of Alien Merchants 1440-1444
Helen Bradley
45 London Inhabitants Outside the Walls
Patrick Wallis
44 The Pinners’ and Wiresellers’ Book 1462-1511
Barbara Megson
43 The Apprenticeship Of A Mountaineer: Edward Whymper’s London Diary 1855-1859
Ian Smith
42 Prisoners’ Letters to the Bank of England 1783-1827
Deirdre Palk
41 A Woman in Wartime London: The Diary of Kathleen Tipper 1941-1945
Patricia and Robert Malcolmson
40 The Estate and Household Accounts of William Worsley, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, 1479-1497
Hannes Kleineke and Stephanie R. Hovland
 39 The Bede Roll of the Fraternity of St Nicholas
N.W. James and V.A. James
 38 The English Fur Trade In The Later Middle Ages
Elspeth M. Veale
 37 Unpublished London Diaries: A Checklist of unpublished diaries by Londoners and visitors with a select Bibliography of published diaries
Heather Creaton
 36 The Letters of William Freeman, London Merchant, 1678-1685
David Hancock
 35 London and Middlesex Exchequer Equity Pleadings, 1685-6 And 1784-5: A Calendar
Henry Horwitz and Jessica Cooke
 34 The Church Records of St Andrew Hubbard Eastcheap, c. 1450-c. 1570
Clive Burgess
 33 Chelsea Settlement and Bastardy Examinations 1733-1766
Tim Hitchcock and John Black
 32 London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: List and Indexes
Loreen L Giese
 31 London Bridge: Selected Accounts and Rentals, 1381-1538
Vanessa Harding and Laura Wright
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 30  London Debating Societies, 1776-1799
Donna T. Andrew
 29 Two Tudor Subsidy Assessment Rolls for the City of London: 1541 And 1582
R.G. Lang
 28 Justice In Eighteenth-Century Hackney: The Justicing Notebook of Henry Norris and the Hackney Petty Sessions Book
Ruth Paley
 27 The Overseas Trade of London: Exchequer Customs Accounts, 1480-1
H.S. Cobb
 26 London Viewers and their Certificates, 1508-1558: Certificates of the Sworn Viewers of the City of London
Janet Senderowitz Loengard
 25 Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066-c.1214
Emma Mason
 24 Richard Hutton’s Complaints Book: The Notebook of the Steward of the Quaker Workhouse at Clerkenwell, 1711-1737
Timothy V. Hitchcock
 23 The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, a Calendar
M.H. Port
 22 A Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London Before the Great Fire
Derek Keene and Vanessa Harding
 21 The Letters of John Paige, London Merchant, 1648-1658
George F. Steckley
 20 Chamber Accounts of the Sixteenth Century
Betty Masters
 19 Trinity House of Deptford: Transactions 1609-35
G.G. Harris