Founded in December 1964 to publish transcripts, abstracts and lists of the primary sources for the history of London, and generally to stimulate interest in archives relating to London, the Society aims to publish a volume a year. The volumes appear in hard covers, and are carefully prepared by specialists in their subject. Each volume contains a substantial historical introduction to the edited text and a full index.

The Society’s Annual General Meeting is generally held in October, followed by a lecture on the subject of the society’s recent publications. New members, whether individual or institutional, are most welcome. Members are entitled to a complimentary copy of the Society’s annual publication. Details of how to become a member can be found on the Membership page above.

Publication Proposals

The Honorary General Editors of the London Record Society always welcome new proposals for possible future publications relating to the history of London. Please down the forms below, and return them to the editors using the email address included.

London Record Society Publication Proposal Form

London Record Society Publication Proposal Guidelines

Trustees of the Society

Officers 2018-19
Chairman Professor Caroline Barron
Hon. Gen. Editors Dr Robin Eagles
Dr Hannes Kleineke
Professor Jerry White
Hon. Treasurer Dr David Lewis
Hon. Membership Secretary Dr Penny Tucker
Hon. Secretary Dr Helen Bradley
Elected Members Dr Ian Archer
Mrs Dudley Buchanan
Dr Sarah Milne
Co-opted Members Dr Justin Colson
(maximum 2)