Thomas Kytson’s ‘Boke of Remembraunce’ 1529 to 1540

Edited by Colin J. Brett

Thomas Kytson, although born in Lancashire, was a Londoner through and through, a Mercer, a Merchant Adventurer and an alderman and sheriff of London. Kytson’s ‘Boke’ is a record of his dealings with country clothiers and the shipment of his purchased cloth (using ships from London many other ports), from London to the four seasonal marts in Flanders. Kytson also traded with over 230 of his fellow London guildsmen and tradesmen, and many other country tradesmen. He also traded with over 130 other personalities, including Lords, Thomas Cromwell, the bishop of Carlisle, government officials and MPs; and 50 foreign merchants. Footnotes give information inter alia on the suppliers, guildsmen and tradesmen and a comprehensive glossary of the current Tudor terms is added.

COLIN J. BRETT’S published writings include volumes for the Somerset Record Society and papers on regional historical topics.

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