Mercers’ Hall Visit for the London Record Society Wednesday 13th July 2022

The Mercers’ Company has very kindly agreed to a visit for up to 30 members of the London Record Society on Wednesday 13th July. More details here …

London Record Society 57th Annual General Meeting 

Tuesday 28 June 2022 at 5.00 pm

Wax Chandlers’ Hall, 6 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7AD

More details and meeting papers on the events page here

London Record Society Volume 55: The Jubilee Book, 1376-1387

Edition and translation of a copy of a vastly significant document for our understanding of fourteenth-century England, long believed lost. In the summer of 1376 a spirit of reform was abroad in the city of London. A number of measures were taken to make those who were elected to govern the city more responsible to its citizens as a whole. A committee was set up to examine the ordinances at the Guildhall and present to the Commonalty those that were “profitables” and those that were not. Two years later, the committee produced a volume known officially as the Liber de Ordinancionibus, but popularly as “The Jubilee book”, because it had been initiated in the jubilee year of Edward III’s reign. But the reforming measures introduced in the book caused so many controversies and disputes that eventually, in a bid to restore order in the city, in March 1387 the “Jubilee Book” was taken outside the Guildhall and publicly burnt.

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About Us

London Record Society Volumes

The London Record Society is a charity founded in 1964 to stimulate interest in archives relating to London. It holds an annual public lecture dealing with an aspect of London archives and publishes volumes of transcripts, translations, abstracts and lists of primary sources relating to the history of London.

These volumes are carefully prepared by specialists in their subject and published as quality hardback books. Many of the forty-five or so volumes published by the Society are now available online via British History Online. Suggestions about the work of the Society and about possible future volumes are always most welcome, for more details see the Publications Proposal section under About Us.


Image credits: London Metropolitan Archives, City of London (Collage 1265 – Blackfriars Bridge); (Collage 27851 – Vauxhall)